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Lincoln parts & accessories

Above all else, 440 Lincoln Laval cares about responding without delay to your every automotive need. That’s why all our technicians and specialists have access to a large inventory of Lincoln factory parts to facilitate your repairs and maintenance so you can get back on the road as quickly and safely as possible. Our qualified personnel use only Lincoln OEM parts, expressly designed to work perfectly with your vehicle’s components. We strongly recommend that you insist on your vehicle being repaired using only Lincoln factory parts because they will provide optimum performance, incomparable durability and added safety. Lincoln OEM parts will also help your vehicle maintain a higher resale value for many years to come.

Furthermore, all Lincoln factory parts that are purchased at 440 Lincoln Laval and installed by our technicians carry a 12-month warranty as of the date of installation, no matter how many miles you put on your vehicle.

Personalize your vehicle with Lincoln OEM accessories

Would you like to improve your vehicle’s appearance, functionality or performance? We offer you a full inventory of Lincoln factory accessories, designed specifically for your model, regardless of the year. From hood deflectors and remote starters to spoilers and trailer-hitch-mounted bicycle racks, we have everything you need to put your own unique stamp on your vehicle.

Contact us today to order your Lincoln factory parts and accessories or to find out if they’re in stock at our dealership.

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