Info Covid-19


According to the new regulation, wearing a mask is now an obligation in indoor public places. We therefore invite you, during your visits, to wear a mask or to request one from our staff. Thank you for your collaboration.


We have adapted everything! Offices, showroom visits, and more. Our staff have access to masks, visors and disinfection equipment to be able to assist you at all time.

Home delivery
Home delivery


To book an appointment: 450-680-5411 or on our website.
Our attendants, Mélissa and Lisa, will be happy to schedule your next appointment according to your schedule.


We now offer a unique service for early birds from 6 a.m. for oil changes and small jobs.

Service procedure:

  • Only one person for the appointment.
  • Enter by the drive-thru and stay inside your vehicle, an attendant will join you. He will collect your keys and wheel locks.
  • Disinfection of your vehicle by our attendant.
  • Your personal belongings should be kept in your vehicle as much as possible.
  • Hand washing. Sinks are available at the back of the drive-thru.
  • Meet your technical advisor and then proceed to the waiting room where you are asked to respect the 2-meter social distancing.

For your information, we have removed magazines and newspapers to avoid the risk of spread.

To see our facilities at the Service,
we invite you to listen to the French video capsule below.


With our reorganization, you now have to go through the drive-thru to access this department. Locate the display for this purpose, enter the office and ring the bell, a clerk will answer you.

We are confident that these measures will help maintain a high level of security and that you will have peace of mind on your next visit.

See you soon!